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Your tiny home comes equipped with all of the amenities you would expect out of a full sized modern home. We build your Mini Mansion to fit your needs and then some. We offer a variety of options for cabinetry, lighting, tiling, flooring and appliances. Each tiny home is crafted to fit your budget and lifestyle. Mini Mansion's are all about the little details... 

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Kitchen Bar

Built-in 28 bottle wine rack functions as a kitchen bar big enough for seating two. 

Walk-in Shower

A luxurious walk in shower, ranging from a high-end fiber-fab insert, to a tile showers of yours dreams, we have options to fit any budget.

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Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted wood ceiling- made from knotty pine or a knotty cedar depending on finishes.

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Craftsman Woodwork

Featured choices of, CVG Fir, Maple, or a high end painted kitchen.

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Ample Storage Space

Closets have soft closing hinges and built in sensor LED lighting.

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Large Bedroom

Big enough to fit a Queen size bed and then some. 



Floor Plan One

Floor Plan Two

Floor Plan Three